Course: Working with Assertiveness

Scheduled course outline

Duration 1 Day

"Many people fail to deal with others assertively because they think in a self-defeating way before they speak."

Who should attend

All new / untrained Team Leaders (or Supervisors / Junior Managers) or other staff in demanding positions.

The approach

Through group exercises, informal discussions, action planning and video, delegates identify – and commit to - the key behaviours that will achieve an improvement in their personal assertiveness.

Business scenario

Ask many capable people to define the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviour and you’ll receive answers that create a curious blurring of the two. And yet they are distinctive and separate: sufficiently distinct to create markedly different levels of success in the workplace.

The purpose

To identify, explore and practice those behaviours and skills that encourage an assertive interaction in the work place.

The programme includes:

Differentiating between Assertive and Aggressive behaviours

The benefits that assertiveness inevitably brings

Your personal rights and responsibilities

The different types of assertion available to you

The relationship between belief systems and assertiveness styles

How to construct an inner dialogue

How to assertively:
1. Give another member of staff bad news
2. Make and refuse requests
3. State your point of view give and receive praise

The three different conversational roles in a challenging situation.

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