Course: The Principles of Leadership

Scheduled course outline

Duration 2 Day

"Leaders are born – and then made"

Who should attend

The course has been principally designed for all new and untrained Team Leaders / Supervisors / Junior Managers with responsibility for staff, and for other influencers in key positions.

The approach

Through group exercises and discussions, video and role-plays, delegates are given the opportunity to explore the recurring situations and problems that a Team Leader confronts, and to understand the basis of one’s own leadership style.

Business scenario

If a company is to survive then it must adapt and learn. Decisions are now demanded on the spot, and responsibility for making them has been forced towards those operating at the front line. The new Team Leader must decide, grow and motivate: principles that will serve them at any level within the organisation.

The purpose

To increase an individual’s understanding of their own leadership attributes and to acquire the behaviours which will ensure delivery and commitment from team members.

The Workshop includes:

The principal responsibilities of a Team Leader

Behaviours that differentiate the Leader from the Manager

How to achieve results through performance management Assessing your own preferred Leadership style

How to draw a ‘Situational Management’ grid and apply it to your team

The key attributes and dynamics of successful teams

Defining roles adopted by team members and how they operate

Exploring the concept of motivation and the myths that surround it

Preferred methods for dealing with difficult individuals

Action planning against which one can assess their own development as a leader

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