Course: The New People Manager

Scheduled course outline

Duration 1 Day

“If we know all too much about our leaders, we know far too little about Leadership.”

Who Should Attend

The course has been principally designed for all Line Managers who have been recently appointed to the post, have a new team to set up, or those managers who have responsibility for few staff but have received no managerial development.

The approach

Through group exercises, discussions and role-plays, delegates are given the opportunity to explore the recurring situations and problems that a new Line Manager confronts and to grasp the extent of their responsibility to develop their people.

Business scenario

The leap from ‘doing’ to ‘managing’ is probably the most difficult step a person can take. Suddenly they move from the concrete to the abstract; where obvious job achievement gives way to a more nebulous sense of getting things done. The early days for the new line manager are all important: they will be expected to present an assured and prepared face to their people, with early decisions and problem handling being scrutinised at every turn…

The purpose

To introduce new Line Managers to the role of supervising people by guiding them through some fundamental preparatory tasks to establish their leadership within the environment, and to help them to recognise their developmental responsibilities.

The workshop includes how to:

· Understand the main responsibilities involved in the supervision of staff

· Undertake appropriate preparatory activities before supervision begins

· Understand the factors that affect the smooth integration of a new member of staff

· Conduct effective one-to-one meetings

· Develop and agree on-the –job training plans and individual objectives

· Plan and organise work

· Organise training and provide coaching

· Monitor and evaluate performance

· Communicate effectively

· Create motivated staff

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