Course: The Management of Change

Scheduled course outline

Duration 1 Day

"Change: A roaring current that overturns institutions, shifts our values and shrivels our lives."

Who should attend

The programme has been designed for those managers or team leaders who will be required to implement significant change in their environment.

The method

Using delegates’ own experiences and appropriate case studies, the course will use group discussion, activity–based exercises and action planning to explore the principles of change before they are related to the delegates’ own personal assignments.

Business scenario

It is difficult to discuss change without finding oneself reaching for the hoary clichés often employed to describe it; ‘The only constant is change’ is just one that has long gone past its sell-by date. Nevertheless, the handling of change is complex and demanding, requiring planning, intelligence, imagination and a sense of purpose if it is to be successfully implemented.

The purpose

To develop a structured approach to the implementation of change and to identify and employ the forces that can deliver a successful outcome.

The programme includes:

Establishing what change really is

Identifying the key criteria used in PEST analysis and SWOT analysis

Capturing the present opportunities through the application of both PEST and SWOT analyse

Defining an outcome which a programme of change will move toward

Listing the three phases of change

Differentiating between the six strategies which can be used to implement a programme of change

Through the application of Force-field analysis, agreeing a strategy that will deliver the envisaged outcomes

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