Course: Successful Telephone Calls

Scheduled course outline

Duration 2 Days

“You don’t make or receive sales calls – you only make or receive customer service calls”

Who should attend

The programme has been designed for all that either receive or proactively contact (‘prospect’) potential or existing customers.

The method

Using an informal training approach underpinned by group discussion and role-play, delegates will quickly experience for themselves the advantages of carefully structuring their approach to each individual call.

Business scenario

We have witnessed a revolution in the way we do business with many large companies seizing the opportunity to channel customer contacts through the telephone. Yet the gap between the levels of professionalism promised and that experienced by the customer has severely dented the credibility and reputation of many.

The purpose

To enhance performance on the telephone through the adoption of a clear and structured method that ensures meaningful and profitable contacts with customers.

The programme includes:

· The key skills necessary in the successful sales person

· The purpose of a ‘Selling Track’

· The key stages of a Call and strategies for overcoming initial objections

· Opening the call using a positive greeting

· The framework for exploring and agreeing

· Differentiating between a feature, advantage and a benefit

· Recognising ‘Buying Signals’

· Differentiating between the principal closes

· How to overcome a customer’s objections

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