Course: Stress Management

Scheduled course outline

Duration 2 Days

"Acceptance of a problem is half way to solving it."

Who should attend

Any employees who have been identified or who feel that they are experiencing stress related symptoms. It is beneficial not to cross-grade the course.

The approach

Through the use of self-audits / exercises, small and whole group activities and action planning the facilitator will lead delegates through the four main stages of Stress Management.

Business scenario

With litigation on the increase, it is no wonder that many employers have become so much more aware about their duties to their employees. Some of this attention to recognising the increased stress levels of staff is laudable enough, yet there is so much more employees themselves can do to deal better with this important health and safety issue.

The purpose

To explore – in jargon-free language - the theory, skills and techniques of managing your own and others’ stress; to understand, identify and eliminate the triggers of stress.

The programme includes:

Cause and effects of stress

Stress audits

Strategic interventions at the organisational level

1. Managing change
2. Litigation
3. Gender issues
4. Sexual harassment

Strategic interventions at the individual level

1. The role of the personality
2. Negative and positive thinking habits
3. Managing meetings / delegation / presentations
4. Avoiding procrastination
5. Goal setting

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