Course: Project Management

Scheduled course outline

Duration 2 Days

"Plans are worthless. Planning is essential"

Who should attend

All Managers and staff delegated or assigned to undertake a substantial project within budget and on time.

The approach

With group exercises, informal discussions, trainer presentation and video, delegates bring their own experiences and challenges and explore new behaviours to ensure a successful outcome to their project.

Business scenario

It isn’t just the effective control of processes that delivers the successful outcome to a project; it is principally the involvement of people and an intelligent marshalling of their contributions that makes all the difference. Good project managers need to be dynamic, responsive and focused in a way that wins their project influence and support from those in a position to make change happen.

The purpose

After identifying and understanding the key characteristics of successful project management, delegates will plan these key skills into their respective project briefs.

The programme includes:

The competencies required of a Project Manager

The three essential criteria for managing a project

The key stages of a typical project

Organising the project using charts and analyses

Constructing a responsibility matrix

Estimating, scheduling and budgeting

Conducting effective meetings

Introducing change

Influencing and delegating

Winning commitment during a presentation

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