Course: Negotiation Skills

Scheduled course outline

Duration 2 Days

"When a man tells me he is going to put all his cards on the table, I always look up his sleeve."

Who should attend

The programme has been designed for those who already have previous experience in management and sales but have identified a need to enhance their ability to successfully negotiate key agreements with others.

The method

Delegates are given opportunities to try out the essential skills in situations that replicate the negotiating environment. Discussion and informal tuition are mixed with exercises and skills building to help mould the key negotiating behaviours.

Business scenario

Too often people emerge from meetings feeling that they have been out-manoeuvred in key areas of the discussion. This course shows how a firm, structured approach to negotiations yields far more ‘win-win’ outcomes.

The purpose

To adopt a structured and organised approach to a negotiation, and to improve self-confidence with the skills and behaviours demanded of the successful negotiator.

The programme includes:

Understanding the need for negotiation and its overall purpose

Assertively expressing your wants and needs

Assessing your own negotiating style and being aware of the different messages you may send or receive

The need for the ‘win-win’ solution

The 5 stages of the Negotiation process

The four steps to achieving your outcome

Setting your negotiation expectations The four key skill areas of bargaining

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