Course: Managing Absence

Scheduled course outline

Duration ½ Day

"“Absence makes my heart grow fonder - of somebody else”"

Who should attend

The course has been principally designed for all new and untrained Team Leaders / Supervisors / Junior Managers with responsibility for the attendance of their staff, and for other influencers in key positions.

The approach

Through group exercises, role-plays and discussions, delegates are given the opportunity to assess their current Absence Management approaches and to update them in line with best practice.

Business scenario

One of the biggest frustrations for any manager is having to manage the absence of a key employee. Not only is absence costly, it can also put extra pressure on the rest of the team.

The manager has to be realistic: they can’t expect no absence at all during the working year. However, they can establish some sound boundaries of behaviour for their team. This workshop helps managers strike a balance between supporting the genuine employees during their absence and encouraging full attendance from everyone.

The purpose

To increase a manager's awareness of the various tools and strategies that will help them manage absence more effectively in the workplace.

The workshop includes:

What are the potential causes of absence?

The different degrees of absence

The factors likely to influence absence levels

How to calculate lost time rate

The key actions that reduce absence

Dealing with short-term and long-term absence

Dealing with recurrent absence

Absenteeism and the law

Conducting a 'Return-to-Work' interview

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