Course: Coaching for Results

Scheduled course outline

Duration 1 Day

“When I want to, I perform better than when I have to. I want to for me, I have to for you.”

Who Should Attend

All new and untrained Team Leaders / Supervisors / and Managers with responsibility for staff.

The approach

Using group exercises, self-assessment and informal discussions, delegates initially explore the principles of coaching before assessing their own skills in a situation that replicates a coaching session.

Business scenario

Of all the skills required by the modern Team Leader or Manager, perhaps coaching has become the most discussed. Yet so many still confuse coaching with ‘training’ or simple feedback. Coaching is a distinct skill that one acquires through experience and application. Be warned, when successfully implemented, results can be spectacular!

The purpose

To enable managers to achieve higher levels of performance and commitment from staff through the application of a five-stage coaching model.

The programme includes:

· Defining exactly what Coaching is

· How coaching contributes to a member of staff’s sense of independence

· The opportunity to assess your own core belief levels

· Differentiating between coaching and telling

· The key areas of verbal and non-verbal communication

· The purpose and value of an interrogatory question

· An assessment of delegates’ own learning styles

· The five key stages of the coaching process using the mnemonic POPAC

· The opportunity to demonstrate the necessary skills and structure used during the coaching process

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