Course: An Introduction to Building Skills

Scheduled course outline

Duration ½ day

“To tell somebody is to deny their intelligence. To ask somebody is to honour it”

Who Should Attend

All staff who are responsible for the training and coaching of new or relatively experienced colleagues in a one-to-one scenario.

The approach

Using group exercises, self-assessment and informal discussions, delegates explore the principles of training and coaching using easy-to-follow intervention techniques.

Business scenario

Many people, who are tasked with developing others, still confuse coaching, training and feedback. Yet the intervention of each development tool is crucial to supporting learning in others, and any ‘developer’ must be thoroughly familiar with the ‘when’ as much as the ‘how’.

The purpose

To enable the coach/trainer to achieve higher levels of performance from those whom they are tasked to develop.

The programme includes:

· What is a learning objective?

· How do people learn?

· The three key stages of one-to-one instruction

· The opportunity to assess your own core belief levels

· Differentiating between coaching and telling

· The key areas of verbal and non-verbal communication

· The purpose and value of an interrogatory question

· An assessment of delegates’ own learning styles

· How to give feedback that people will want to listen to

· A ‘pocket’ approach to coaching

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