Understanding Competences

Scheduled course outline – duration ½ day

"In my experience, people can face almost any problem except the problem of people."

Business Scenario

Competences have become the principal means by which many managers now assess and measure their staff. Their application has allowed the appraisal to move away from abstract discussions to opportunities to carefully assess the behaviours that deliver high performance.

Who should attend?

The programme has been specifically designed for those who are required – or will be required – to undertake competency-based assessment of their staff.

The purpose:

To introduce the competency methodology and show how it may be implemented as a means of assessing staff.

The programme includes:

  • Agreeing what a competency really is
  • Removing the jargon that surrounds the competency concept
  • Looking at the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ and how overall performance can be captured
  • Structuring an appraisal around the competency framework
  • Assessing different approaches to measurable competencies to create ‘envelopes of performance’

The method:

Through Group discussion, exercises and examples of approaches used by other organisations, delegates will gain a firm grasp of competencies and be ready to introduce them to their own work environments.

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