Course: The Disciplinary Hearing

Scheduled course outline

Duration ½ Day

“When facing a difficult task, act as though it is impossible to fail.If you’re going after Moby Dick, take along the tartar sauce.”

Who Should Attend

All new and untrained Team Leaders / Supervisors / and Managers with responsibility for staff.

The Method

After group exercises, informal discussions, trainer demonstration and video, delegates are given the opportunities to try out the key skills in a non-threatening environment

Business scenario

Of all the interactions that a manager undertakes with staff, the Disciplinary Hearing is often the most loathed. Not only because it is the acknowledgement of a performance failure on the employee’s part, but also because some fault may lie with the manager’s inability to have acted earlier. And hanging over all of this is the prospect of an employment tribunal if the Hearing isn’t carried out correctly…

The purpose

To identify, understand and then apply the principles of engaging in successful disciplinary hearings. Also, to appreciate the influence of employment law on the conduct of the Hearing itself.

The programme includes:

· A summary of the essential areas of employment law that relate to employee welfare

· How a manager must prepare for the Hearing

· The recommended procedures for carrying out a Disciplinary Hearing

· The measures that a manager can take to ensure that the Hearing has a meaningful outcome

· The actions that must be taken once the Hearing is completed

· The key stages of a Disciplinary Hearing model

· The opportunity to demonstrate the face-to-face skills that will influence the Hearing’s outcome

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