The Essential Selling Tool Kit

Scheduled course outline – duration 2 days

“There is no such thing as soft sell or hard sell – only smart sell and stupid sell”

Business Scenario

Selling is more than just a single interaction between the salesperson and a prospective buyer. The success of a sale is determined long before the presentation meeting is arranged; the willingness of the buyer to remain loyal to your product will depend on all that occurs afterwards.

Who should attend?

The course has been principally designed for all who are new to the sales environment, or for those who already sell but have received no formal training in the art and language of selling.

The purpose:

To increase an individual’s success at selling their products or services through the adoption of key behaviours and processes.

The workshop includes:

·         Understanding why customers buy

·         Identifying the decision makers

·         How to prospect to gain an appointment

·         Opening the meeting and controlling the prospect

·         The framework for exploring and agreeing

·         Effectively demonstrating a product / service

·         Closing the prospect and gaining their commitment

·         Overcoming the prospect’s concerns

·         Personal Action Plan

The approach:

Through group exercises and discussions, videos and role-plays, delegates are given the opportunity to identify the essential components of a successful sale.

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