Effective Presentations

Scheduled course outline – duration 2 days

"Everybody gets butterflies. The trick is to make them fly in formation"

Business Scenario

According to research in the United States, people fear having to give a presentation more than they fear death itself! Of course some presentations can be daunting, but evidence can point to many ordinary people who are still able to command an audience: delivering polished, professional performances. And, as with all performances, planning is everything.

Who should attend?

All Managers and staff required to give internal and / or external presentations to groups.

The purpose:

To identify, understand and then apply the principles that underpin a successful presentation to a group.

The programme includes:

  • Defining ‘entry levels’ of a potential audience
  • Generating innovative approaches
  • How to organise material into a structured format
  • How your audience can influence the shape of a presentation
  • The key elements of vocal delivery
  • How to design presentations that effectively ‘sell’ concepts and ideas
  • Differentiating between aims and objectives
  • Using your ‘prime time’ in a presentation and building in ‘attention grabbers’
  • The uses – and abuses - of visual aids
  • Techniques that combat nervousness and anxiety
  • Posture and body language which convey ease and confidence
  • Some techniques when confronted by difficult audience members
  • Dealing with a range of questions and using them to advantage
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your presentation skills in a supportive atmosphere

The approach:

Through group exercises, informal discussions, trainer demonstrations and video, delegates are given the opportunities to try out the key skills in a non-threatening environment.

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