Course: Conducting a Performance Appraisal

Scheduled course outline

Duration ½ - 1 day

“People can achieve their own goals best, by directing their own efforts towards organisational objectives”

Who Should Attend

All managers who are responsible for conducting Performance Appraisals for their direct reports.

The approach

Using group exercises, self-assessment and informal discussions, delegates explore the principles of conducting successful performance appraisals using an easy-to-follow appraisal format.

Business scenario

The most important question that staff demand to know the answer to is “How am I doing?” So why are Performance Appraisals – the ideal time when this question should be dealt with – conducted so badly or not at all? Many managers simply do not have the necessary skills to handle this potentially inspiring and energising event, and too many leave staff with feelings of bewilderment and demotivation…

The purpose

To equip the delegates with the necessary appraisal skills to unleash higher levels of performance from front-line staff and other direct reports.

The programme includes:

· A Background to Appraisals and Performance Assessment

· The benefits of Competency-based Assessment

· The structure of an appraisal

· Introducing the appraisal form

· The skills needed to deliver a meaningful appraisal

· Tasks, targets, standards and smarter objectives

· How people learn

· The Self-auditing approach

· Dealing with difficult appraisees

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