Business Development for Non-Sales Professionals

Example course outline – duration 1 day

"If you’re not selling in your organisation, make sure you’re supporting someone who is."

Business Scenario In many different types of organisations, senior managers and professional specialists are increasingly expected to take on a customer-facing role. No matter how good their specialist knowledge is, they are going to be at a distinct disadvantage if they cannot use key proven sales skills.

Who should attend? The programme has been designed for those business executives who are dealing with customers as a part of their role.

The purpose: To introduce delegates to well proven effective sales techniques. The course also looks at account management techniques and building effective account management plans.

The programme includes:

  • Identifying different contacts within your customer’s organisation and understanding their role in the decision making process
  • Writing an account objective that will deliver business and support service level agreements
  • Developing an effective account management plan that slots in to your day-to-day workload
  • Learning to adapt your approach to match your customer
  • Identifying the characteristics shown by an effective sales person
  • Understanding the principles of and implement successful selling procedures
  • Demonstrating the use of effective questioning techniques
  • Showing the customer the benefits of using your service
  • Identifying where the customer is within the buying process

The approach:

Using an informal training approach underpinned by group discussion and role-play, delegates will quickly experience for themselves the advantages of using sales skills and developing usable account plans.

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