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Scheduled course outline

Duration 3 Hours

“Don’t just do something; stand there!"

Who Should Attend

All new and untrained Team Leaders / Supervisors / and Managers with responsibility for staff.

The approach

To explore through structured presentation, discussion and personal experience, the variety of techniques and different approaches for effective facilitation.

Business scenario

If you want a way of working that adds value by getting more results in less time, or with less effort, then facilitation is the way forward. All managers and professionals will benefit from acquiring the facilitation skills they need to challenge and stimulate groups and their teams. As facilitation becomes a ‘way of life’ and part of an organisations culture, it encompasses partnership, shared objectives and achievements.

The purpose

To equip a delegate with the tools, techniques and framework to create the right environment for facilitation by breaking down barriers, allowing individuals to contribute and gain a consensus to a course of action.

The programme includes:

What ‘exactly’ is facilitation?
The skills and qualities required to effectively facilitate
What are the opportunities to facilitate?
Setting the Ground Rules
What to observe in a group as a facilitator
Building and maintaining rapport with the group
Dealing with challenging situations
Tools and techniques to solve problems and generate new ideas
How to encourage creativity and innovation

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