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    Dealing with Difficult People Part Two: Mind the Gap!

    Last month we showed that the initial stage of dealing with a difficult person was to first encourage the individual to acknowledge his or her own behaviour; then they can move towards taking full responsibility for changing it. This month we explore how, by using a structured three-step approach, ownership and commitment can be passed from the manager to the difficult employee.

    John Whitmore once wrote:

    "When I want to, I perform better than when I have to. I want to for me, I have to for you."

    Dealing with Difficult People Part One: Acknowledging Responsibility

    Whether you've inherited a difficult person or - to your lasting regret - appointed them yourself, most managers come up against a difficult individual whom they've had to manage. Does it always have to come to blows? Well, we're not saying it's easy, but in this, the first of two articles on the subject, we'd like to suggest how all is definitely not lost.

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