March 2014

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up

Rejected Stamp

On the shelf behind me sit two rejected manuscripts from the BBC. The rejection letters are complimentary but still end with a thumping ‘No’.

So why am I still writing? I still write because:

 a)      I can’t stop writing – it would be like stopping breathing

b)      I really hate losing

c)       I utterly believe in the messages I want to communicate

So it was heartening when a recent post by Dr. Avra Lyraki pointed me to the following list of 10 people whose experience of rejection was greater than my own.

Help! How Do I Tell An Employee They Smell?

Man smelling himself

I recently received an email from a contact I’ve known for many years:

“Michael, in my new team leader role one of the men who works for me apparently gives off an unfavourable smell, but the issue is I haven’t yet noticed it so I’m not able to describe the smell. Apparently my line manager and others in the team have already tried to bring it to his notice.

He’s really well groomed, so asking him if he could wash his clothes seems so demeaning. How can I best convey this to a great employee without trying to upset them?”

Here’s my reply.

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