May 2013

So what is the Difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

Abrasive US comedian George Carlin was a master of the one-liner, once asking his audience, “Is there another word for synonym?”

The English language is full of words that commonly get mixed up but, on closer inspection, reveal themselves as two quite separate things. Two words that often find themselves used in this apparently interchangeable way are ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’.

So is there a difference? I believe so and would like to distinguish them.

Different Goals

If They Could See Me Now: Evaluating Coaches

You’ll never find me at my School Reunion. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s just the unappealing prospect of meeting up with the class of ’76 over nibbles and a glass of tepid white wine. It’s also the thought of mingling with a lot of people who, probably like me, are thicker around the waist and thinner around the pate. It bears all the hallmarks of an advance visit from the grim reaper’s acolytes, who are all curiously similar to people I was once at school with.

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