March 2013

7 Things Incredibly Successful and Attractive People Do Before Breakfast

Arrogant Person

It’s one of the most devilishly silly scenes in cinema.

In Bedazzled, Peter Cook plays Satan who, whilst holding a conversation with Dudley Moore in a bookshop, casually rips out the last page of every Agatha Christie novel on the shelf.

Imagine that. Ploughing through an entire ‘whodunit’ only to find – because some playful fiend got there before you – that you are still as much in the dark about the wicked murderer as you were when you started reading it!

Three Easy Flip Chart Tips Using A Magic Pencil


A pencil and flip chart are an unlikely – but powerful – combination and I want to share three great tips which involve this unlikely pairing. Each tip is based on the fact that a pre-pencilled flip chart sheet looks – to your audience – like a normal blank sheet of paper. It’s only when you consciously look for the pencil markings that you notice it’s been ‘doctored’.

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