January 2013

One Reason Why Many Good Managers Do Not Delegate

A Police Officer once told me that if you could just get a young child to stop at the pavement when crossing, then road traffic accidents involving children would plummet. Apparently, for whatever reason, when a child wants to be on the opposite pavement all other factors – including oncoming traffic – will even enter their consciousness. So they run out and…

I always recall that conversation when thinking about the main reason I believe many fine managers do not delegate.

Why This Sentence Might Make Me Want to Kill You

Matt Lucas

OK, I own up. It irritates me every time I read it. Of course I understand the point the clever little sentence I’m about to tell you is trying to express, but it has the same effect as:

a) People in their cars who indicate to turn right AFTER they’ve stopped to turn right

b) People who say ‘pacific’ when the word they mean is ‘specific’

c) Middle-aged men who whistle tunelessly

What’s the sentence? It’s: ‘There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback’.

The Real Time Management Secret

Brain Clock

It’s the one course we trainers never want to be late for: Time Management. It skewers your credibility from the outset if you are! But, over the years, I’ve sometimes had my doubts about the whole notion of ‘time management’.

Let me explain why. Ask delegates to list the behaviours that beset the poor time manager and they’ll usually come up with an inventory of ‘what-not-to-do’ that would grace any time management textbook. Again, ask the same group to list the positive time management behaviours and they know all the answers.

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