October 2012

Why You Might Not Choose a Life of Crime

The judge looked over the top of his spectacles, his grey eyes fixing severely on the accused in the dock.

“Before I pass judgement on you, have you anything to say in your defence?”

The prisoner winked insolently back and casually shrugged his shoulders, “Have a heart, your Honour. I burgled those houses not ‘cos I wanted to – I really had no choice. You can’t blame me for my genetic predisposition to burgle.”

Should We Give A First Impression A Second Chance?

In an interview, how much can you trust a first impression? There are some who, when a candidate walks into their interview, boast that their ‘antennae‘ quickly twig whether the person is suitable for the role or not.

Really? Are they blessed with some extra-sensory perception denied to us lesser mortals?

Julius Caesar said it best: “Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true.” And if there’s one lesson I’ve learned from interviewing, it’s that a first impression is a notoriously unreliable sense.

Is It Time You Gave Up?

I enjoyed a great workshop with some of the good people at Huddle this week and, during a discussion about the need for persistence, one delegate said, “But don’t you also have to know when to give up?”

How very true. Persistence is a great quality, but persistence without wisdom is a curse.

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