September 2012

Leadership - Warts and All

All good managers give feedback. But how many managers welcome feedback about their performance? 360-degree feedback is a proven method of finding out what people really think about us, but some managers prefer not to ask...

Apparently it was gnarly old Oliver Cromwell, who was waiting to have his portrait painted, who gave us the phrase 'Warts and all".

The artist Peter Lely was busying himself preparing paints and palette when the Lord Protector looked him straight in the eye and demanded that Lely painted him “Warts and all”.

An Appointment with Fear Part One- Preparation for the Interview

Many people enjoy job interviewing. Yet many think of it as a nightmare: a cat's cradle of legislation and booby-traps all cunningly designed to ensnare the unwary. But does it have to be like that? In the first of three articles, we lead you through key moments of the process to help you get it right every time.

There are many frightening facts about wrong appointments. Facts like the recent research that calculated that every manager or professional who resigns costs a company up to 18 months' salary.

An Appointment with Fear Part Two: The Question Cycle

In the second of three articles, we build on the careful preparatory activities explored in Part One by looking at how questions can be carefully structured. Why? Well, it should be our candidate who is talking most of the time. Good questions make sure that happens!

Now you're ready. You've been through the job description and analysed the skills needed for the job. You've decided which skills you particularly want to explore, and compiled a list of questions that will help you find out if the candidate has the experience you're looking for.

An Appointment with Fear Part Three: Getting it Right

In the first two articles in this series, we looked at the need for thorough preparation before interviewing and getting the questions right when you are interviewing. Now, in the final instalment, we turn to interacting with the candidate: exploring why two interviewing heads are so much better than one, and why it might be wrong to concentrate on just the filling in your sandwich!

Clunky. It's a great word. We're not quite sure what it means but it does describe what happens in the, shall we say, less professional interview.

Ten Steps to Presentation Success Part One - PANIC!

Sir Anthony Jay thought: " A presentation is an exercise in persuasion". But how do we persuade and prepare for an event that, recent research reveals, is feared by some as more frightening than death itself? In this, the first of two articles by Presentation Skills expert, Nina Lovatt, she takes us through the mnemonic 'PANIC' to help us ensure that each preparatory step is given full consideration.

We share a fear!


Ten Steps to Presentation Success Part Two: That Standing Ovation!

Ten Steps to Presentation Success Part Two: That Standing Ovation!

Preparation over and everything is ready to go. If you followed Nina Lovatt's advice about preparation last month then you should be raring to go. Now the challenge is the delivery of the presentation itself. Once more Nina takes us through five key areas that transform your presentation from the routine to the highly memorable - for all the right reasons!

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