July 2012

Dealing with Difficult People Part One: Acknowledging Responsibility

Whether you've inherited a difficult person or - to your lasting regret - appointed them yourself, most managers come up against a difficult individual whom they've had to manage. Does it always have to come to blows? Well, we're not saying it's easy, but in this, the first of two articles on the subject, we'd like to suggest how all is definitely not lost.

Managing Absence

Scheduled course outline – duration ½ day

"“Absence makes my heart grow fonder - of somebody else”"

Business Scenario

One of the biggest frustrations for any manager is having to manage the absence of a key employee. Not only is absence costly, it can also put extra pressure on the rest of the team.

40 Interview Icebergs now available on Amazon!

Michael's latest book, '40 Interview Icebergs and How to Sail Aropund Them' is now available on Amazon. Michael approached recruitment and HR professionals around the world and simply asked them the question, "What are the most common errors that someone might make that would stop you from hiring them?" This book lists the 40 most common reasons - the icebergs that all too often send a job application to the ocean floor. But to know that an iceberg is on the horizon is not enough. How do you get round it?

Michael Heath Enters the Dragons' Den

Dragon's Den, the BBC TV Programme that pits budding entrepreneurs against a panel of potential business investors, has now released it's latest book "Dragons' Den: Grow Your Business: How to expand from small to big".

Michael Heath has contributed four chapters to the new book on areas such as leadership, managing change and recruitment techniques, all vital skills for anyone setting up a new business.

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